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HRO Solutions

HRO Solutions

Human resources outsourcing is the most sustainable method to manage costs and to facilitate the organisation to focus on core operations and strategic initiatives instead of wasting time in the routine transactional activities of human resource management.

Over the past few years, HR outsourcing has become a dependable way for organizations to reduce operating costs, streamline internal processes, and focus on core business operations. Connektitude has the necessary and relevant industry professionals who are seasoned and hands on process knowledge, technology and best practices to to provide solutions for all your HR human resources and employment administration.

We have the capability to undertake most of the HR administrative activities such as:

RPO Solutions- Complete Project based assignment and last mile delivery solution aligned to your organization EQ and CQ quotient through sourcing to on boarding by creating a great employee experience.
Training Services
HR Process and policy creation and implementation
Employee Experience Framework by applying design thinking principles and road to excellence
Designing Employee Retention Framework
Digital HR Solutions- Design and Develop HR process automation- Chat Bots/HR Apps, Process integration
Designing Apprenticeship programs to hire fresh talent from campus
Out placement Service partner

We serve businesses of all sizes – small, medium, and large multinational corporates, and in multiple domains. We manage critical HR processes, thus bringing significant operational excellence and seamless integrated delivery.

Our human resource outsourcing services will include activities throughout the entire duration of the employee life-cycle, right from on boarding to retirement or outplacement. We partner with client organizations to fully assist them in the transformation of their HR model to bring about maximum value to the business.

Reduce costs and enhance efficiency
In the competitive marketplace today, organizations across the globe are looking at all possible opportunities to bring down operational costs and to increase efficiency. The human resources department is also a key player in this scenario. Organizations have to deal with the high pressure of cost reduction, employee disengagement, and high rates of attrition.

Here are some of the RPO services that we provide:
Research of candidates
Training hiring managers
Audits and reporting
Process mapping

If you’re looking for a customized solution that is somewhat different from that provided by a staffing agency or head hunter, then recruitment processing outsourcing may be the ideal choice for you.

Get in touch with Connektitude if you’re committed to finding the best talent possible, rather than just filling positions by merely finding people who have the required qualifications on paper.