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Our Vision

“To enhance human capital productivity and organization performance through partnering and providing personalized and custom HR Solutions and Coaching exploration, enabling intelligent insights for individual and organizational growth for maximum ROI.”

“ Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.”
- Joyce Brothers


What Our Client Says?

Overall she is a very friendly, humble and supportive person who I recommend to anyone to use as a counsellor for any educational endeavour. I’d really like to express my gratitude towards all that she has done for me.
Mrs Ritu,
mmend Connektitude for their services. “The quality of training was outstanding, the depth of human understanding was awe inspiring”.
Ms. Usha Menon,
Connektitude coached me with all the resources, tactics, and application guidance I need to market myself and pursue an undeniably successful strategy. Their ability to form interpersonal connections with their clients, making them feel like her friend and constantly have them in mind.
Mr. Suman Chakarborty,
Life Coaching has really helped me to enjoy life more. I used to be very stressed out about making more money. He helped me turn my paralyzing stress into renewed confidence. It has resulted in more productivity and more income. I strongly recommend Coaching from Connektitude to everyone!
Mr. Deborshi Borah,
I can do lot of things after coaching from Connektitude which I couldn’t do before such s, how to use my positive energy to overcome any stress through meditation and some relaxation techniques. I learned some NLP techniques and it was wonderful. They taught me to trust my inner compass. Most importantly, I am comfortable with who I am and where I am now in my life. Now I can block out negative feelings and emotions more effectively than I have ever been able to. I am a happier person because of Life Coaching.
Sunit Uppal