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Need For Career Counselling

Need for Career Counselling

Career Counselling involves long-term methodical self-assessments and unbiased expert assistance. It helps in developing an individual’s abilities in self-exploration, exploration of educational and occupational choices, as well as in making decisions about his or her career. Guidance or counselling is an important educational tool in shaping the personality and basic orientation of the child since childhood. Career counselling support will make it easier for students to gain clarity. Students or Parents consult career counsellors when they face a “natural” crossroads: having to choose a school, university, field of study, or one from a number of employment opportunities.

We believe student should take the counselling session or take the psychometric tests because it will help them to figure out figure out their individual strengths and opportunity their career, and life goals. It will help them to identify the factors influencing their career development, and help them to assess their interests, abilities, and values. It will help them to locate resources and sources of career information. It will help them to determine the next steps and develop a plan to achieve their goals. It will help them to become adaptable and resilient in an ever-changing environment.

In today’s life of the young generation is hectic and competitive, wherein problems, doubts, and confusion arise constantly, so having someone they can go to and speak to and have their issues addressed is a big deal. Giving them that friend, philosopher, and guide that they need is the biggest achievement for a counselor because winning the trust of a person is difficult in today’s world. Learning should be a choice made by them rather than the children being forced to do so.

We offer customized career counseling and guidance services to students based on their specific needs. Ranging from technology-enabled information access only, to human-led professional career counseling, our offerings include college application and scholarship guidance as well.

8th & 9th Graders

Students at this stage have an excellent opportunity to start thinking about their future without too much pressure.

Counselors can help students of this age understand learning trajectories and the possible education options they have. Armed with this knowledge, students will be able to think about their strengths, weaknesses and interests under the mentor's guidance and form a basic idea of what they want to do in the future. Our Counselors & mentors can also help the students hone essential skills such as critical thinking, writing, leadership, and communication. With their guidance, students will be able to self-reflect and will have an idea of the steps they need to take during high school to work towards the future they aspire for.

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10th Graders

At this age, students need to start thinking about the path they will take in grades 11 and 12. This will form the basis of college applications in the future.

Career Cousnelor will work with students to identify student's interests, strengths, and weaknesses and assist them in taking the first step towards college admission procedure. Also, students will receive academic guidance so that they can choose the right subjects after grade 10 and work towards their goal. Students can understand their interest areas and find what they're passionate about through "learning-by-doing" science, mathematics, economics etc.

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11th & 12th Graders

The final school years are critical stages in a student's life. From writing board exams and dealing with school pressure to applying to the right institution, there is a lot that students have to deal with. Here couselors & mentors reduce the stress of this process for students. Throughout the mentorship period, students will receive guidance on all parts of the college application process. We will start by helping students pick a degree and course based on their interests and strengths, then to find colleges in India and abroad which offer the desired course. Counselors will also help students understand the admissions process for different colleges and how to submit a strong application, including standardised tests, transcripts and statements of purpose. Students can also seek guidance about which majors to apply for, how to select colleges, and which careers to think about.

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For Undergrads

Students have a lot of decisions to make while they’re in college. These range from which courses to take up apart from their core subjects, to deciding which internships would benefit their career.

However, the single biggest decision that any college student needs to make revolves around what to do after college. As a matter of fact, almost every other choice that a student makes in college revolves around his/her plans after college, be it studying further – Masters or Post Graduation or taking up a job.

Deciding what to do after college has a significant impact on your immediate future as well as long term goals. This decision gets difficult because there are several factors that impact it, such as interests, costs, opportunities etc.

College students are faced with unlimited opportunities. In fact, the corporate terrain is changing so rapidly, many of the jobs new college graduates can apply for didn't exist when they started just a few years before. Technological careers are expanding, global positions are growing, and options are truly endless. As a result, the need for career counseling for college students is greater than ever.

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Profile Evaluation

A profile evaluation is when you create a profile of a student, based on a number of factors, and then it is evaluated and analyzed by an admissions expert or officer. The person who evaluates the profile then gives a list of schools, based on chances of admission, usually categorized by easy, medium and difficult.

Profile Evaluation is different for country to country but major factors are analyzed are :

Academic Results
Language Proficiency
Extra-Curricular Activities
Special Interests / Hobbies

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Psychometric Tests

Psychometric Tests – Measuring ‘Hidden’ Traits

The word psychometric consists of ‘Psycho = mind’ (Greek : Psyche) and ‘Metric = Measurement’.

Online psychometric tests, designed specifically for students, offer an unparalleled opportunity to explore direction, opportunity and untapped potential.

These tests focussed on individual’s traits :

Skills – What you are good at?
Interests – What you love?
Values – What important for you

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