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We are Connektitude, A boutique HR Strategy & Consulting Firm.

In the age of distributed workforce, the workplace is changed forever and also the complexion of the workforce and work itself. In the new talent landscape scenario, the opportunity and challenge for HR leaders is to respond and move from a static to an agile planning approach, one that can continually reshape the workforce to incorporate changes in business and skill needs during the pandemic and beyond. 

Our team and the Advisory board have proven their mettle in various roles across corporate globally in the changed talent scenarios and have managed the workforce with empathy and care along with ensuring an evolved business strategy and workforce planning. This has helped organizations in ensuring productivity and critical talent retention to re-imagine and build a sustainable future.

Connektitude acts as a culture change catalyst and help people with learning and change by enabling them to succeed.

HRMS Product Partner

Keka HRMS Product Partner

Keka is your people enabler. From automation of people processes to creating an engaged and driven culture, Keka is all you need to build a good to great company. We are now an Authorized Product partner for Keka a HRMS platform provider of HR and Payroll services on cloud.

POSH Compliance, Training and Implementation


People covered through HR Intervention since the launch
Path -Breaking Initiatives

For business and people outcomes


Years of collective experience of Team Connektitude
Industry Connekt

With Industry forums like NHRD, Indian Society for Training and Development, International Coach Federation-USA, Society of NLP-USA


Client satisfaction rate consistent since launch
Transformative Outcomes

For Individual and Organizational performance


Financial Services


Career Guidance

Certification courses

We manage critical HR processes, thus bringing significant operational excellence and seamless integrated delivery

Book keeping, Accounts payable, Account receivables, Tax Processing, managing Finance operations improve and sustain business outcome

Coaching enables critical talent and every employee across levels in thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their potential

Career Counselling is a specialized service that needs multiple resources ranging from trained counsellors, educationists and career coaches

All the certification courses are conducted in association with International Certified Coaches, Master Trainers.

We are ISO Certified

We are now Internationally Accredited by IAO

We are now Recognized by #StartUpIndia


What Our Client Say About Us

Overall, she is a very friendly, humble and supportive person who I recommend to anyone to use as a counsellor for any educational endeavour. I’d really like to express my gratitude towards all that she has done for me.

Ms. Prachi,
Medical Student, Kazakhstan

One of the most distinct qualities of her service that I have noticed is that, once you engage her to provide a service, her primary focus goes into meeting the client’s requirements rather than upholding a strict list of terms & conditions the most consultants do now-a-days. There is no bureaucracy around her. She is very approachable, responsive and communicative.

Mrs. Ritu,
Teacher, Samashti International School, Hyderabad

I would thoroughly recommend Connektitude for their services. “The quality of training was outstanding, the depth of human understanding was awe inspiring”.

Ms. Usha Menon,
Corporate Leader, New Delhi

Connektitude coached me with all the resources, tactics, and application guidance I need to market myself and pursue an undeniably successful strategy. Their ability to form interpersonal connections with their clients, making them feel like her friend and constantly have them in mind.

Mr. Suman Chakarborty,
DGM-Marketing, Raheja Group.

Life Coaching has really helped me to enjoy life more. I used to be very stressed out about making more money. He helped me turn my paralyzing stress into renewed confidence. It has resulted in more productivity and more income. I strongly recommend Coaching from Connektitude to everyone!

Mr. Deborshi Borah,
Estate Manager, Tea Estate, Assam

Connektitude is an excellent and professional partner to work with to take our accurate psychometric instruments to market. It's great to work with the team.

Mr. Mohit Bhatnagar,
Founder Tucareers

Mr. Sureen deeply understands the HR function and his suggestions are always insightful.

Mr. Rohan Ambokar,
Founder & CEO - Encoro Solutions

It was an extremely lovely session. Seriously, i get to think in such a way i would never have wondered, i can understand ourselves better and thus help ourselves too . And importantly even if u have no knowledge like me, u can understand it whole as it is explained in soo simple words that you can even relate with and the bonus is Akhilesh Sir's examples with are seriously of another level. And yes its also not going to be boring as sir really has a good sense of humor...I personally loved the session. Thank you so much.

Mr. Prahlad Joshi,

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Our Recognition

Winner of Innovative HR Company Award 2024​