Maladjustment Assessment

Assess your ability to react successfully to the demands of the environment.

The Mathew Maladjustment Inventory(MMI), in psychological terms, refers to an individual’s inability to react successfully and satisfactorily to the demands of the environment. Given the increase in violence among school children and on campuses & work premises a proper understanding of the concept is becoming more and more relevant these days. 

The MMI measures maladjustment in an individual across five major aspects and also indicates the general maladjustment score.

  1. Anxiety: Anxiety is the feeling of impending doom and worry about the future. It may be accompanied by perspiration, palpitation, tremors etc.
  2. Depression: Depression is an emotional state characterized by a sense of hopelessness, disinterest or failure, leading to an inability to function normally. It may lead to despair, insomnia or suicidal thoughts.
  3. Mania: Mania is characterized by long periods of abnormally heightened energy, over activity, restlessness or irritable mood.
  4. Inferiority: Inferiority is the feeling of not being as good or lesser than others. It is marked by shyness, self-consciousness, lack of self-confidence, sensitiveness and being easily hurt.
  5. Paranoia: Paranoia is the feeling of suspiciousness, or being persecuted, threatened or misunderstood, without justification. Paranoia is influenced by fear and characterized by an inability to trust others.
  6. Total maladjustment: The total maladjustment scale depicts an individual’s maladjustment on all of the above as compared to the average score. Includes obsessive ruminations, compulsions, phobias, withdrawal tendencies, nightmares, etc.

Note: *Test is for ages 15 and above and currently normed as per Indian standards

Combo Offer – Assessment + One Free Counseling = 2099/-