"Connektitude empower students to make a successful transition from school to the world of work"

Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric tests are necessary when it comes to finding students’ interests, passion, likes and dislikes. 

Virtual Internship Program

What’s more, how can you decide which career to choose if you haven’t sampled

Business Enabling skills

What Skills and personality change is required in changing world

Mock Interviews

Best way to practice interviews  Take mock interviews & 1-on-1 mentoring

Overseas Education

Get Overseas Education Services From Home or Any Where Virtually for Your Study Abroad Plans!

“What do you want to do???” Tricky question but always asked by parents, friends or family members in student’s educational life.  Change of each phase in their journey, often they get confused with the choices – What to do??

Wherever you are in your studies or career, we can help you to make decisions with our expert career guidance. So, if you’re deciding what to do next after 10th, Intermediate, Engineering, B. Com, B. Sc, B.A, or Post Graduation, we can assist you & walk with you until you will reach your Goal!

Like every other sector, the pandemic has brought a severe disruption in the education sector all over the world. While learning has not stopped, its just its delivery has undergone a massive change and Virtual learning have flourished.

Therefore, we guide & help the students as how they can boost their profile & take advantage of available resources at home in less cost. Especially with the emergence of new careers that require new-generation skill sets in a post-pandemic world, students need urgent support and direction to make the transition from school to university and beyond.

Career counseling is the process of guiding students on the path to self-discovery and self-realization, supporting them as they weed out self-doubt and make surer decisions based on their interests, leading to long-term satisfaction with their choices and a life lived with purpose.

Why need Career Guidance

What will I do after X or XII…what are my strengths? What is my learning style?
Which stream & subjects should I take?
My friends are opting Commerce, my parents insisting on taking science stream…..!!!
Should I wait or is the right time to take guidance
I am about to complete my XII but still unsure of my career options, my specializations and path available

REASONS why students get CONFUSED

Parental Pressure
Lack of confidence
Focusing on weaknesses not leveraging strengths
Wanting to make the perfect decision
Financial responsibilites
A lot of time & effort has been invested in their current career

HOW expert will GUIDE

TIMELINE to reach your GOAL

Achieve Goal

Get Experience in Business Enabling Skills

College Admission Process

Virtual Internship to understand career

Career & Course Selection

Counselling Session

Assessment & Analysis