Benefits of Virtual Internship Program

Practical Experience

Do the tasks that actual professionals do in their field.

Easy Online Access

Access the Program at the comfort of your home at your convenience.

Detailed VIP Report

A team of experts analyze your performance and provides you with an in depth report about your standing with respect to that field.

Professional Guidance

Have Industry Experts in their respective fields guide you to make the right choice about your career.

It’s a career simulation program known as the Virtual Internship Program (VIP). This is an experiential, immersive platform that helps students experience different careers before they choose on their final career. The VIP gives practical exposure to various careers of their choice to the students.

For example, if a student selects a VIP in architecture, he / she shall get to perform all the tasks that an architect does and make one building. If a student selects Film Making, then he / she will perform all the steps involved in Film Making. We have 18 career options currently.