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Many bookkeeping firms prepare financial statements that their clients take to CPAs or other tax pros to prepare a return. You may find yourself working closely with their tax preparer, and together, you can provide outstanding service to your mutual clients. You will also create a financial plan that should include a 12-month profit and loss projection, projected cash flow, and a projected balance sheet. Unlike certified public accountants, bookkeepers don’t file tax returns or audit financial statements. Bookkeepers are also not required to have an accounting degree.

What is a bookkeeping business?

Common Bookkeeping Responsibilities

Document and categorize transactions, including income and expenses. Manage a company's finances via business accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Xero. Assess a company's cash flow. Prepare financial statements, such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements.

If you’re going to be working remotely and holding video calls on Zoom, I highly recommend getting a good headset that is comfortable, but more importantly, has good microphone quality. Based on whether you go with Xero, QuickBooks Online, or both, the next thing you’ll want to do is get certified so that you actually know how to use the software. The nice thing about it is that you can set all tasks to repeat at a template level. Bookkeeping work and accounting work consist of repetitive tasks, so having repeating tasks are a great way to automate the creation of them.

Project Management Software

To do this, set up a pricing table that breaks down your solutions in terms of what’s included. Next, showcases your core offerings that were created in Chapter 2. Why you’re capable of handling your target market’s problems. 1) Outline some benefits that small businesses can expect from your solution. Feel free to add and/or remove pages as you see fit if you think it will help you find clients. 2) Your small business will be far more streamlined if you only sell your core offering, as you can benefit from more standardization.

Is bookkeeping a profitable business?

Starting your own bookkeeping business can be pretty profitable. There aren't significant barriers to entry if you already have experience. Aside from technical skills, you just need a computer, internet connection, and place to work.

You’ll decide what you want out of your direct write off method and start planning accordingly. As you already know it will take commitment and perseverance. But you don’t have to waste your precious time researching the tech, fiddling with “branding” or just hanging out in the planning or worry stage. If you’re worried you don’t know enough to be able to help clients or answer all their questions. Perhaps your fear of ‘selling’ and not knowing how to deal with clients is holding you back big time. Profitrefers to the difference between a company’s earnings and what it pays in expenses.


Bookkeepers are essential for other businesses to thrive, making sure that they’re keeping track of their financials correctly and on the right track to grow. Meredith Wood is a member of the small-business team at NerdWallet. Prior to this, she was a VP at Fundera where she founded the Fundera Ledger. She has specialized in financial advice for small-business owners for over a decade. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. Danielle Bauter is a writer for the Accounting division of Fit Small Business.

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As a virtual bookkeeper, your computer is 95 percent of what you will use, but other than that you may want a printer, paper, pens, and things like that. This is one reason the overhead is so low when starting bookkeeping. This helps business owners in the long run keep more of their income. If you don’t have an office just for business, then usually this isn’t something you would be able to write off, but it’s best to work with your accountant on this particular expense. I didn’t put that directly into the budget because it is more of a deduction than an expense. You already have your home, so you’re not paying for the office each month directly.

Steps To Unlock Your Bookkeeping Business

Virtual bookkeeping firms can’t rely on physical files to track their to-do lists. If your team is in different locations, you won’t always be able to see what they’re working on, so a to-do list won’t cut it. When you launch your business, be aware of people you meet who could add value as employees. Don’t limit yourself to only bookkeepers; you should consider adding administrative assistants or marketing specialists to your team. Have all your accounting software subscriptions in place before you get a client. As your business expands and you add team members, you may need to reevaluate your software needs.

  • You can learn more about the solution in our in-depth QuickBooks Online Payroll review.
  • To learn more about the ins and outs of setting up your own business, check out our small business guide on how to start a business and our guide on starting a bookkeeping business.
  • This allows them to choose the general service level they want.
  • Unlike other finance professionals, such as accountants and financial planners, bookkeepers don’t need any licenses or certifications.

You’ll have access to the program in a member’s portal for life . You realize there’s more to life than sitting in a cubicle working on someone else’s dream. You’re ready to start using your accounting experience to help small businesses. Showing them how to launch and scale a successful virtual bookkeeping business.

Don’t be afraid to increase fees as your capabilities grow. Setting up a bookkeeping business as a sole practitioner can be a little isolating. Maybe you’ll focus on serving a niche like real estate or construction? By positioning yourself as a specialist, you’ll be able to target your marketing and talk specifically to one audience. You don’t need a huge amount of infrastructure to get started. You may not want to hire employees right away, but prepare yourself now, so the process is easier in the future.

Organized financial records provide insight into how your business is performing and aids you in managing cash flow. An accountant takes a bookkeeper’s work, analyzes the data and prepares financial statements for the company. Whether you are an independent contractor or a multinational corporation, bookkeeping is important to you. With a budget, you are better equipped to plan for future expenses.

How much money will it take to get started?

Unlike CPAs, these certifications aren’t regulated by the state, so be sure to choose a large, reputable organization so that the certification is meaningful and respected. You can look at freelance sites, such as Upwork, to see what others are charging for bookkeeping services, but you can also learn a lot by asking around. Talk to businesses in your area to see what they are currently paying for bookkeeping services. Talk to people in your network who are also bookkeepers and ask what they are charging. In doing so, you can get a good idea as to the range bookkeepers charge for services. There’s no shortage of business accounting software to use.

certified public bookkeepers

Usually, bookkeepers in the United States do not have to be licensed or certified. However, becoming licensed or having a certification behind your name can instill customer trust and confidence in your abilities. For those of you considering a bookkeeping business, I’ve listed many of the details you’ll need to address. This information is intended to give you a general sense of what’s involved and is not a substitute for professional legal, accounting, and tax advice. As annoying as it is, businesses have to file their taxes at the end of the tax year. With a bookkeeping process in place, you’ll have financial information ready for tax season and the taxman won’t be breathing down your neck.

Is bookkeeping a good side business?

Overall, bookkeeping is an incredibly flexible online side hustle. If you're interested in making an extra $500 to $1,000+ a month, bookkeeping is a solid fit, but it's also incredibly scalable if you want to grow it into a full-time business.

Fees vary by state but are typically between $100 and $200. If you hire Northwest to form your LLC or corporation, we complete and submit your formation paperwork on your behalf for just $100 plus state fees. Check out LLC vs Corporation and Why Turn a Sole Proprietorship into an LLC to learn more about choosing the best structure for your business.

  • We’ve created a whole program around the 7 Seven Secrets to help you design a business you’ll love and a plan to achieve it.
  • Trying to keep track of all these details in your head or on a spreadsheet is a disaster waiting to happen.
  • We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular stocks or securities.
  • For professionals and aspiring bookkeepers alike, certifications are a powerful way to boost your skills and add additional authority to your brand.

You can always expand later as you take on more clients, hire employees, and potentially move into an office space. But bookkeeping gives you the option of starting on a shoestring budget. Testimonials are one of your very best marketing tools for your business – but how do you get great testimonials from your clients?

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If you’re considering this route, check with other business owners for recommendations on the services they use. Comparatively, starting a bookkeeping business is a breeze. If you already have a computer, it costs relatively little to purchase the necessary software, learn how to use it, and begin offering bookkeeping services from your own home. You will definitely want to check this system out as an option as it’s incredibly popular for bookkeeping businesses and accounting firms. 4) If you provide tax preparation services, they’re a great way to avoid a crazy tax season. With a productized service offering, you can smooth out your workload throughout the year to eliminate this from happening.

credit cards

Common business insurance policies for bookkeepers include things such as professional liability and general liability. Marketing is one of the most difficult things for accountants and bookkeepers to master. Whether this is your side gig or full-time business, you can get a website customized for your business with a company that offers specialized marketing services, like CPA Site Solutions. New bookkeeping businesses will typically use a credit card to float working capital expenses, earn rewards, and manage employees. Check out our guide to the best business credit cards for startups to find one that fits the bill.


How do I start a basic bookkeeping business?

  1. Pick your market and niche.
  2. Write a business plan.
  3. Register your business and get insured.
  4. Choose your bookkeeping software.
  5. Set up your business infrastructure.
  6. Price your services.
  7. Find your customers.
  8. Understand your funding options.

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