How to Use the Seesaw App in the Classroom: Tips and Tricks From Other Teachers

Speakers in northeast Massachusetts call it a teedle board, and around Narragansett Bay it is often called a dandle or dandle board. Both seesaw and teeter-totter demonstrate the linguistic process called reduplication, where a word or syllable is doubled, often with a different vowel. Reduplication is typical of words that indicate repeated activity, such as riding up and down on a seesaw. Connect to other class blogs directly within the Seesaw app so students can easily comment and collaborate with students from other classrooms.

Each student gets their own profile and can add learning experiences and even record what they have learned during an activity. Various tools within Seesaw allow teachers to do everything from formative assessments to progress monitoring, depending on which version you have. Seesaw allows teachers to create activities and record the instructions linked to those activities for students to use in self-directed learning.

The best student-driven digital portfolio

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Seesaw portfolios follow students for their entire journey at your school — ideal for PYP Exhibitions where students reflect on and celebrate their development throughout the years. Students explain their thinking, communicate with an authentic audience, and take ownership of their growth – key skills for success this school year and beyond. Parents and guardians who have downloaded the app can see their students’ individual work and receive notifications right to their devices of updates. I record myself doing them and tag to different students.


He writes for many publications covering health tech, software and apps, digital teaching tools, VPNs, TV, audio, smart home, antivirus, broadband, smartphones, cars and much more. Seesaw for Schools allows students to work on a tablet or smartphone to create content that is automatically saved online within a personal profile. This can then be accessed by the teacher, via app or browser, to assess work from any location. When students add to Seesaw, content is uploaded, organized by student, and accessible from any device.

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  • By choosing from a variety of multimodal tools (like video, drawing, voice recording, and more!), students can record both physical and digital learning in a portfolio.
  • Teachers can create and assign interactive activities — such as quizzes, games and multimedia projects — to students.
  • An autopsy or post-mortem examination is the process of examining a body after death.
  • Getting started tips, professional development resources, FAQ.
  • Connect to other class blogs directly within the Seesaw app so students can easily comment and collaborate with students from other classrooms.

I needed to know if students understood how to add with regrouping. I had three groups of students- one below grade level , one at grade level , and one above grade level . Each student was assigned a group, and knew which assessment Challenge to complete to show their understanding of the concept. The great thing about this is after I reviewed the work, if I noticed a student who did really well on their challenge, I may have him/her try the next problem. Same concept, just differentiated with different problems. By allowing students to work through assessments in Seesaw, it saves me the time of having to pull students one on one, and sucking up a ton of teaching time.

Do It All On Seesaw

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using seesaw for assessment

Engage this network of support to drive academic, social, and personal growth. When it comes to assessing student work on Seesaw, you must first determine what you are trying to learn through that particular assessment. Once you have established your goal of that lesson you are then able to choose the appropriate assessment tool.

Friendship Day 2023 Activities for Kids to Add to Your Lesson Plans

Students can upload items to their digital portfolio year after year, allowing teachers and parents to see how the student has progressed over time. The teacher is also able to build and view digital portfolios for each student, which will automatically grow over time as the students add more content. This can work the other way too, with teachers sending assignments to students with individual instructions tailored to each one. Assessment is an essential step in the learning process for both teachers and students.

using seesaw for assessment

Sign in or create an account to share your experiences with this tool. Getting started tips, professional development resources, FAQ. Create a public webpage for your class and give students a global audience for their work. Students add work to their portfolio where family members can see it and leave comments of encouragement.

What is Seesaw for Schools and How Does It Work In Education?

Students would create a slide show using google slides and then directly upload it from their drive onto Seesaw. Photo- This allows students to take a photo of their work and post it to their student journal. This feature can also be used to document experiences or share pictures of an activity that student participated in. An example would be students taking pictures of their art work to share to their journals, or students complete a math sheet and take a picture to share. Here are just a few tips from a community member to do exactly that —the best thing about this is that you can ask the students to record their thoughts during each activity.

using seesaw for assessment

All work children do during the day is seesawed to me and I can check their work. No longer do I have to take home piles of books – just my device. Parents love being able to see thier child’s work and to be able to comment on it. Teaching Resources Curriculum-aligned resources to engage and inspire your class. The SOFA score-development, utility and challenges of accurate assessment in clinical trials.

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