Neuro Linguistic Coach Certification Program- ACSTH – ICF Accredited

Program Information:

This program meets the International Coach Federation* standards, of coach training and covers 97 hours of training and group mentoring sessions run over a 3 – 5 months period.

The format includes:
  • 10 sessions, (on-site & on-line),
  • 10 group mentoring sessions and
  • regular one-on-one coaching triads and supervision.
At the end of the program, participants are equipped with the necessary skills to meet international certification standard

The Ultimate program objective is

“To master core coaching competencies and to successfully integrate them with neuro-linguistic programming techniques”.

Course Description:

  • The Neuro-linguistic Coach Certification (NLCC) is a professional certification program delivered over a period of 10 sessions.
  • This certificate program is globally accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading professional body representing 30,000+ coaches worldwide.
  • It supports participants in developing effective coaching skills powered by neurolinguistics techniques and methods though practice, observation and continuous feedback.

By the end of the program, participants will acquire

  • A thorough understanding of the theoretical and ethical foundation of coaching,
  • The similarities and differences between coaching and neuro-linguistic programming,
  • in addition to learning about the application of a variety of tools and techniques in coaching and NLP in live coaching conversations.

This is a coach foundation program that enables participants to learn effective coaching, based on the science of neuro-linguistic programming, that can be applied immediately at work and at home.

Not only do participants learn how to become skilled coaches, but they will also be coached throughout the program to ensure a complete learning experience for their personal development.

Whether you are looking to learn about coaching, or understand how NLP can positively influence your coaching conversations, this program introduces you to the 11 core competencies outlined by the ICF to ensure your full engagement and active participation. By the end of the course, you will have a strong foundation in coaching and its interconnect with NLP and you will be able to conduct effective coaching conversations that establish credibility and trust with your Coachee.

Target Audience:

  • Professionals aspiring to become coaches, including but not limited to HR professionals, supervisors, managers, career counsellors, mentors and consultants.
  • Associate Certified Coaches by the International Coach Federation aspiring to become Professional Certified Coaches.

Course Duration:

  •  67 hours face to face interaction (9hrs x 10 classroom sessions).
  • 30 hours of project, observed coaching sessions and assessments:
  • 10 Mentoring sessions (1hr x 10)
  • 5 observed coaching session (triads)
  • 5 submission of recorded coaching sessions
  • 10 Coaching Assignments (2hrs x 5)

Expected Outcomes:

  • Understand the Coaching Foundation: theory and practice.
  • Understand Neuro-linguistic Programing: theory and practice.
  • Appreciate the juxtaposition between Coaching and NLP
  • Master the elements of an effective Coaching Conversation.
  • Incorporate NLP techniques in coaching conversations.
  • Demonstrate the behaviors of a skilled coach by applying the International Coach Federation 11 core competencies.

Certifying body: The International Coach Federation (ICF)


  • The Neuro-linguistic Coach Certification is NOT an NLP certification program.
  • Tools and Models related to NLP are included in this program for knowledge/education purpose ONLY and not for NLP certification/therapy training purposes.
  • We do not promote/encourage using NLP techniques without proper licensing/guidelines (approvals) from your local authorities.