Senior Java Developer Salaries in San Francisco, CA

Compare senior java developer salaries for individual cities or states with the national average. The average salary for a senior java developer is $106,767 in the US. These charts show the average base salary , as well as the average total cash compensation for the job of Senior Java Programmer in the United States. The base salary for Senior Java Programmer ranges from $90,310 to $125,132 with the average base salary of $108,253.

  • This can be achieved through a combination of education, experience, and continuous learning and development.
  • Java popularity is gradually decreasing, however, it will be in demand for a long time.
  • Click to see the salary for Senior Java Programmer in these major U.S. cities.
  • Mid-level developers are also expected to be more strategic team players and be able to devise innovative solutions independently.
  • Director, Software Engineering to oversee tech decisions over infrastructure and vendor functions for our commercial products.
  • Full stack developers are responsible for the complete development of an application, from the front-end user interface to the back-end server-side logic and database management.

As part of this process they are scaling up their development team to introduce a new software engineer to help create & maintain their suite of Java desktop applications. Since Java can be used on every operating system and every type of hardware, Java Developers can work on a wide range of projects, from dynamic websites and mobile apps to big data. This also means Java Developers generally enjoy comfortable salaries from entry-level through senior positions. Here’s a closer look at the factors that influence a Java Developer’s salary. While Java developers enjoy a high average salary, the exact amount depends on experience, location, and key skills. There’s the average base salary of Java developers in the United States as reported by major job boards.

Senior Java Programmer Salary

A senior java developer must be highly skilled in the Java programming language. The job generally requires at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Most of the time, a senior java developer will need at least five years of experience working with Java application development. Most employers expect the senior java developer to also have hands-on experience with other services such as Oracle, HTML, and Javascript.

Senior Java developer salary

While not every company categorizes Java developers this way, it should give you a basic idea of what to expect. Many of the world’s leading technology companies hire Java developers to build and maintain their applications. Since Java is both general-purpose and extremely flexible, Java developers can work on a broad range of projects. Spotify and Twitter are just some of the many Java applications you might use daily. But before we get into the exact role of a Java developer, let’s take a closer look at the language itself. By getting to know the language first, you’ll be better equipped to understand the scope of Java development and the factors that impact a Java developer’s salary.

Meta Java Developer Salary

Typically, Java consultant salary does not include any extra perks. Different countries will offer various benefits, based on their policies and laws. For example, in Canada more than 75% of developers report having healthcare covers by the employer (which, let’s be honest, adds a lot to the expenses on the company’s behalf). In Canada healthcare is covered for 74% of developers, for 79% in Singapore, and for 84% in UAE.

Senior Java developer salary

Due to the high popularity of the language, Java developer requirements are growing, especially in relation to junior developers. Obviously, Java is still one of the most easily accessible areas of programming, but you can not go far enough without practice knowledge. The resource of TIOBE software quality company publishes index, which is updated monthly and shows statistics on the popularity of various programming languages.

Director of Platform Technology

We are proud to say that Mobilunity offers fair and transparent pricing policy that is competitive even within the Ukrainian market. For similar reasons, as listed above, Ukrainian developers comply with the top standards of the industry. As you can see on the graph below, the overall tendency is true for USA and Switzerland being the best-paid locations for Java developers.

Senior Java developer salary

National average salary for Java developer reaches $73,085, which, however, can be different for certain states and cities. For example, if you look for ‘Java developer salary New York’ you will see that the median salary reaches $82,626, whereas Chicago will pay an average of $71,185 for the same services. The average annual income for a Golang developer, according to Glassdoor, in the United States of America is $168,128/yr. This salary typically fluctuates between $109k and $265k per year on the higher end.

What is the lowest pay for Senior Java Developers?

Additionally, they can also expect to earn additional compensation in the form of a bonus in the range of $1,732 – $61,138. However, they’re earning 5.77%, or €2 367, more than the average JavaScript developer at this level. Similar to developers worldwide, the salary of Java developer in the USA highly depends on the skill set, as well as years of experience. As one of the oldest programming languages (20+ years), Java developers typically have less experience than that. However, PayScale reports that approximately 2% of all developers have 20+ years of experience working with Java.

In addition, most developers are “fluent” in several languages and work across multiple roles, which will affect the final figures. Senior java developers earn the highest salaries in California , Washington , and New York . Senior java developers’ hourly rates in the US typically range between $39 and $65 an hour. The Engineering Lead Analyst is a senior level position responsible for the development of web portals..

Java Developer (Mid-Career) Responsibilities

They may also be involved in debugging and troubleshooting existing code, and maintaining and improving the performance of existing applications. Entry-level Java Developers typically make $81,194 per year on average. But you can earn as high as $124,000, depending on the company you join.

Senior Java developer salary

The salary can vary based on your experience, location, and company. Java Developers at Google typically make high salaries due to the great demand for their skillset. According to Glassdoor, the median total salary for a Java Developer at Google is $204,149 per year, which includes $63,480 of additional pay. Location can also play a role in determining a Java Developer’s salary.

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