Top 8 Twitch Chat Bots: A Complete Guide

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It’s fully customizable as well, so you can get it to work to fit your needs and your viewers’. Besides moderating the chat, Twitch bots can also create a bit of fun for viewers while you stream. They can take and manage song requests, hold mini games, give out special rewards, and keep your viewers engaged while they watch your content. Most of these Twitch bots also give you an insight into who your viewers are with stats about your regulars. On top of that, a lot of them are also customizable, so you can get them to behave exactly how you want them to.

  • A leading platform for live streamers, StreamElements can be used on YouTube and Twitch.
  • It offers a variety of minigames, a betting system, and a song request manager.
  • Whether you use helpdesk software, customer support software or just a singular knowledge base, Helprace ensures you stay on top of customer feedback and grow your business.
  • It has some cool features and is one of the only non-famous bots with custom commands.
  • Botisimo is another cloud-based Twitch bot that’s beginner-friendly as well.
  • Of course, as a software program for enhancing your streaming experience, the normal feature cocktail of custom overlays animation commands is still there.

They can also welcome new viewers, recognize donors during streams, and update your viewers on important information about you. In a survey of 126 streamers, StreamScheme found that 44% of people preferred StreamElements to other chatbots on the market. You can create custom commands, set up lists, and moderate your channel with it as well. With their pro pack, you can accept donations through PayPal. They also allow you to use their premium alerts to highlight when someone gives you a tip.

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Removes a single chat message or all chat messages from the broadcaster’s chat room. Gets the list of donations that users have made to the broadcaster’s active charity campaign. If Streamlabs Chatbot isn’t responding to commands, it could be due to syntax errors, conflicts with other programs, or incorrect user levels. To fix this issue, restart the program, reset your authorization token, and check for any conflicts with other programs. I offer a professional hosting solution for any bots (Not just the ones I create).

Are Twitch bots free?

You can get started for free, but if you want to do something as simple as rename the bot or announce streams on Twitter… that's going to cost you. Notable features of Botisimo: Custom commands.

You can create a queue or add special sound effects with hotkeys. There are options for macros, special counters, and python scripting. Having humans in moderation is important, but you cannot expect them to keep pace with the ever increasing volume of chats. Also, human tend to make mistakes, and chatbots are here to simply eliminate these chances. The reaction time of a chatbot highly exceeds that of a human. The best part is a chatbot won’t need time off, time to sleep or simply get bored.

What Are Twitch Channel Points?

AutoMod is a moderation tool that holds inappropriate or harassing chat messages for moderators to review. Moderators approve or deny the messages that AutoMod flags; only approved messages are released to chat. AutoMod detects misspellings and evasive language automatically. The client ID in the app access token must match the extension’s client ID. The client ID in the app access token must be the extension’s client ID. The signed JWT must include the role and user_id fields (see JWT Schema).

Stephen ‘TWitch’ Boss, ‘Ellen’ Show’s Dancing DJ, Dies At 40 – Bloomberg

Stephen ‘TWitch’ Boss, ‘Ellen’ Show’s Dancing DJ, Dies At 40.

Posted: Wed, 14 Dec 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

The most popular chatbots on the market are; Streamlabs, StreamElements, Nightbot, and Moobot. A few years ago, if you wanted a specific feature from a bot, you had to get a select bot. Now, most chatbots give you access to the most popular features. You also have the option to allow them to pretend to kill each other or themselves in humorous ways.

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While chatbots provide more freedom for streamers and audiences to interact, many streamers create a set of chat rules for people to know what behaviour is expected from them. Moreover, this way people can be held accountable if they violate the rules, which ultimately contributes to regulating toxicity on the platform. Whether you’re a beginner streamer or have been in the game for years, it’s always a good idea to use Twitch bots. Moderating a chat and keeping your audience engaged while you’re livestreaming can be quite impossible if you’re doing it all on your own. They handle all of the tedious tasks that come with being a streamer so you won’t have to multi-task that much. That way, you can focus on making content for your viewers without worrying about anything else.

twitch currency bot

In my opinion, this is one of the best bots for Discord and I recommend it to everyone who uses this platform for gaming. There are no minimum fees and it also allows you to send tips to other people, being able to send crypto to a dozen of people at the same time. Even though this is not a wildly popular bot, many new members love it and those from crypto servers are crazy about this option. This Discord bot has a variety of different templates for both gamers, educators, and members of the fan community, so you can use it no matter what your interests are. The best thing about this bot for Discord is the fact that all of its features are completely free and you are not required to pay for any type of membership.

Best bot for server backup

Some chatbots work better, the others may be not perfect, but their main goal is to cope with simple tasks automatically with the minimum involvement of a streamer. They can be responsible for moderating a channel, engaging users, informing and controlling them, and perform many other tasks predetermined by the software developer. Nightbot is a popular Twitch chatbot, it’s a completely free cloud-based bot that is easy to set up and has a good amount of features to help your twitch channel. To find the best Nightbot app, consider your specific needs and preferences.

This bot is also available for those streaming through Discord, a platform with more limited options. What’s more, even when the user isn’t streaming, messages can be left on with a timer function. In this way, you can ensure visitors know exactly when and where to find you. Besides the usual chat moderation, Botisimo can display advanced analytics to show users how their stream is performing on any given day. New user counts are logged, as well as engagement and activity, and it is all neatly logged in easy-to-display graphs for streamers to observe. Do you want a bot that is easily integrated with your discord?

Twitch Bits to USD: FAQs

Over 150 million people are playing games in America alone each month, millions more around the world. Globally, there are more than 25 million daily active users! Over time, we have not just developed our interest in playing games but watching games too.

  • However, Firebot is still one of the best free Twitch bots and is a good bot to consider if you are looking for something different from the norm.
  • If live_only is false, the API matches on the broadcaster’s login name.
  • Twitch Bots have made possible moderation that was humanly impossible.
  • This is the most useful bot if you’re planning a live event and want to create it and notify you’re followers about it.
  • Removes a single chat message or all chat messages from the broadcaster’s chat room.
  • Gets all users allowed to moderate the broadcaster’s chat room.

If you haven’t created a separate account for your bot, now is a good time to create one! It is best to use separate names from the broadcaster name to clarify which is the bot and which is the streamer to the chat. As earlier mentioned, your views can reward you if they find your content appealing to them. And in some cases, you can ask your viewers for donations to spend more time keeping them entertained. Unfortunately, Twitch only offers a microdonation avenue with its in-game currency, Bit.

Do chatbots count as viewers on Twitch?

Just like Nightbot, you can add mini-games like “8-ball” with just a click of a button. If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use chat bot, and don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles like sound effects, this will be your go to. Everyone who has been to Twitch has come in contact with at least one chat bot.

  • The upsides are that you won’t be paying a dime and you know exactly what you’re getting (especially with open source bots like Coebot).
  • Setting chat-type moderation levels, setting up convenient commands for your streamers to use, spam filtering.
  • This will give an easy way to shoutout to a specific target by providing a link to their channel.
  • I also have a Youtube channel where I make videos about streaming.
  • [Includes unlimited free feature revisions]

    Includes anything you can dream up.

  • I’m able to add nearly any feature you can imagine, please shoot me a message and we can figure something out.

From Nightbot to Phantombot, we list down some of the best Twitch Chatbots out there so you can find one that fits your stream’s content. The broadcaster may apply any of these to their channel except automatic tags. For an online list of the possible tags, see List of All Tags. The list is in descending order by the number of viewers watching the stream. Because viewers come and go during a stream, it’s possible to find duplicate or missing streams in the list as you page through the results. When you call the API from a chat bot or extension, the Twitch UX pops up a window at the top of the chat room that identifies the number of viewers in the raid.

Is there a free version of Twitch?

How much does Twitch cost? The Twitch app is free to download, and streams are free to watch. Some streamers offer monthly subscriptions that come with special perks, like channel-specific emotes and progression badges.

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